Pre-conception Advice

For all advice on contraception please book an appointment with our fully qualified practice nurse.

Antenatal Clinic

Every Thursday 1.00 - 2.00pm at St. James’ Children’s Centre, telephone 0161 652 5811.

Please ring to book an appointment at the centre to see a midwife as soon as you think you are pregnant. You do not need to contact the practice.

Child Health Surveillance/Immunisations

We run scheduled baby clinic appointments for immunisations through the week to suit your needs these appointments will come to you direct from Child Health as a reminder. If you can not attend your appointment please contact the practice to re book. Please note that childhood immunisations are very important, if you have reservations or questions please contact our practice nurse for advice.

Paediatric Asthma Care

The practice clinical champions for Paediatric Asthma are Dr Kiren Kaur and Rachel Birch ( advanced practice nurse).

All of our patients (under 19s) with asthma can expect:

  • 6 monthly reviews on an individual basis (depending on level of control)
  • Longer appointments for asthma reviews
  • Inhaler technique assessment and training
  • Pulse check
  • Lifestyle questions
  • A personalised asthma action plan

Don't forget to bring all of your asthma inhalers with you to your asthma review appointments!

Patients that do not attend a pre booked appointment will be followed up to ensure continuity of care.

If you wish to make an appointment please contact the surgery on 0161 357 5250.

Have a look at these useful websites with lots of information about managing your asthma: 

Minor Ailments Scheme

Did you know that your local pharmacy can give you advice and treatment for most minor ailments such as coughs, colds, sore throats, head lice, aches and pains, impetigo, thrush, cystitis, conjunctivitis, thread worm and many more. You can have a private consultation with any pharmacist, simply pop in and ask if you can speak to someone in private.

If you suffer from the above please visit the pharmacy instead of seeing the doctor.

Travel Vaccinations

Please note that we need six weeks' notice of your intention to travel. You will need to fill in a travel questionnaire which is available from reception. Once the form has been filled in and handed back to us the Practice Nurse will review the information and an appointment will be made for you should you require vaccinations.

Other Services And Reviews Available At The Practice:

The monitoring of chronic diseases and conditions is very important and must be done by a clinical staff member at least once per year please see below which conditions need regular reviews:
Chronic heart disease
Blood pressure
Mental health reviews
Epilepsy reviews

If you have any of the conditions listed above we ask that you book an appointment for a review within the month of your birth, this is easy to remember. Please contact the practice and inform the receptionist that it is for a review of your  condition, they will then allocate you the correct amount of time and also ensure you are within the correct clinic.

Learning Disability reviews
Cervical screening
General health advice
Health promotion – including weight management and healthy eating advice
Telephone advice


The practice have a MIND staff member working at the practice every Wednesday. If you are feeling stressed, anxious, fed up with life or in need of someone to talk to please ring for an appointment. You do not need to see the Doctor or nurse for a referral just ring and ask to book. Alternatively you can ring MIND on 0161 33 9233.


A counselling service provided by Oldham CCG is available to the practice patients. To access this service you must see the doctor or advanced nurse practitioner for a referral.

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